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9 Steps to Process of Bag Production

Genuine leather bags are a must-have for many style lovers.

But do you know how to manufacture of them? 

Here we explaining simply

First,Selecting Leather Material:

The hides of large animals such as Cow are generally sold in the cuts. 

Sides are the most common cut of Vegetable Tanned Cowhide is the most popular cut for the making of bags.


Second,Cutting Materials:

It will be easy to cut with tools. It seems pretty daunting if you're trying to go at it with scissors,based on instruction,you will got some tips on cutting.


Third, Positional Punching


Fourth, Edge Painting

Edge painting at its surface sounds pretty simple

–it’s a process by which color is applied to the edges of bags(it will be spends long time to paint, it should be process repeat twice at least )


Fifth, Sewing


Sixth, hardware installing


Seventh,Sealed by Speed Sewing

Sealed by speed sewing

Eighth, Thread Processing

Thread processing

Ninth, Packaging

Inner filling,and corner guard of wrapping paper


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