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Customized Wallet Ideas

Custom Object of Wallet

Our regular customer are solid economic strength and their order will be reach the certain amount and the price requirement,such as enterprises, institutions and Authority units
Specific object

 1) The Area Institutions -They often want to order the existing style,packaging unchanged but will print customized logo on it

 2) The National Institutions-They are more concerned about the brand.

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About Brand

As follow,there are 4 Customization Methods,all based on different requirement of enterprises.
First,it will be the best way to order different styles of wallets with Hongfeng Leather brand.

Second,printing logo on Hongfeng wallets,it should be reach our quantity demand.

Third,about the enterprises brand,they will be customized wallets based on the own brand of enterprises or institutions.

The last,the enterprise brand,customized wallets only for business gift,without product circulation.

About communication

We often abide by the principle of communication first in the process of operation,because communication is much more a dialogue than a transmission, a two way process,the business should be built on efficient communication

When we communicate with the decision maker,we need to explain fully for the interests of custom wallet and application.

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